ifinix hot 10 Price and Specification in Pakistan by Techy Umer

 ifinix hot 10 Price and Specification in Pakistan 

ifinix hot 10 Price and Specification in Pakistan by Techy Umer
Infinix Hot 10 Price in Pakistan

20,000 PKR 

Released 2020, October 17 195g, 

8.9mm thickness 

Android 10,XOS 6.0

 64GB/128GB storage,microSDXC

Image By www.gsmarena.com

Our Review 

 Barely 5 months since the launch of the Hot9, Infinix has already released the Hot 10 and it comes with some major performance improvements,most notable being the retirement of  This may just be the hottest one yet!  Do hit on that subscribe button if you findthis video helpful and turn on post notifications. I make awesome tech content. So, I have here the Infinix Hot 10, this isa successor to the Infinix Hot 9 which was released barely 5 months ago. Well, it does come with some major performanceand specifications improvement with the most notable one being the use of the MediatekHelio G70 processor. This was the chipset that came with the InfinixNote 7 which was a very good device and a very successful selling device for Infinix. So we'll be looking at the Hot 10 if it isthat good, if it is good enough, if it is worth buying.  The Hot 10 comes in the usual green box butthis time it has an orange strip, indicating the new improvements. At the back of the box as usual we have thespecifications listed. . This is the obsidian black, there are othercolour options.  You get a protective casing, X-club card anda screen protector in the first pack. In the box you also get a 10watts charger. With the Zero 8 we thought Infinix was finallyembracing USB-C but we have the Hot 10 back to its roots with micro USB. You also get earphones.   To the right side there's the volume rockerand power bottons. There's nothing up top. The Infinix Hot 10 comes with XOS 7 and android10, asides visual changes, XOS is still the same annoying bloatware and ads filled userinterface. There's a ton of bloatware to uninstall anddisable. If you'll like to see how to disable all adsand remove all bloatware to get a clean setup, I have a video on that which I'm going tolink in the description. Now Transsion has developed a habit of refreshingtheir devices twice within the space of one year as is the case with the Hot 9 and theHot 10. I mean... the Hot 9 was released just 5 monthsago and I'm pretty sure some consumers may have even bought the Hot 9 last week and nowwe have the Hot 10. While that would not be much of a big dealI have just one major concern; The Hot 10 is launching with android 10 justlike the Hot 9. Now android 11 is already out and with Infinix'strack record of not releasing android upgrades for their devices, if you buy the Hot 10 thatmeans you're stuck with android 10 until maybe next year. If you want android 11 you buy the InfinixHot 11 which may probably be released like 6 months from now. I believe Infinix can do better or maybe theconsumers don't mind. The Infinix Hot 10 has a very identical designto the previous model, with the only difference being in the size and camera arrangement. It is now about 6.8 inches which is really huge.   The Infinix Hot 10 comes in 4 colours; Obsidianblack which is the one I have here, amber red, moonlight jade and ocean wave. There's this patterned design on the rearthat looks like glitters giving it a nice look. Due to its size however, one handed use isalmost impossible. Like the Hot 9, the Infinix Hot 10 has a TFTdisplay, with the left hole punch cut-out for the 8MP selfie camera.. Media content on YouTube is capped at 720p. It has equal bezels round the sides, not thethinnest though but I guess it works.  For usability, the Infinix Hot 10 has significantlyimproved all round performance much thanks to the Helio G70 processor. this is noticeably better performance. The benchmark scores are also significantlyhigher and very similar to that of the Infinix Note 7 with Antutu going as high as 179146and Geekbench reaching 374 for singlecore score and 1247 for multi-core- score. By virtue of the Helio G70 processor the InfinixHot 10 now does gaming alot better. PUBG runs on default HD and high frame ratesand in the period of play I experienced no lag Asphalt 9 also worked very fine. Be sure to subscribe and turn on post notificationsso you get notified when I post a gaming review. Another area where the Infinix Hot 10 hasimproved is the battery. Do let me know in the comment section if youfeel the same way and also if you like this video don't forget to hit the thumbs up andturn on post notifications and if you have not subscribed, please subscribe. Till next time guys... Peace 

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